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Raise, train, and dress a bird in Falcon Age, landing on PC soon

He thinks he's people!

If you too have been watching enviously as your PlayStation pals post clips of them playing with an adorable wee raptor, chin up: Falcon Age is now headed towards PC. I've mostly been enthralled by people petting the bird, dressing it in costumes, and teaching it tricks as it grows, so I've honestly been surprised to see more now and discover the aviculture simulator has, like, combat? And dystopian robots or something? Fine, fine, as long as I can can teach my falcon to shake hands.

Right so, apparently our colony planet has been trashed by invading machines, and only we can save the day with a diddy bird we befriend, raise, dress in cute costumes, and teach to fight robots. It's what I'd do. We'll also relearn lost skills of crafting and farming. And scrap robots.

I'd be astonished if a big influence wasn't the recent international interest in the eagle hunters of Mongolia, and especially teenage girls like Aisholpan Nurgaiv and Aigerim Asker.

The PC version of Falcon Age is coming with optional VR support for Oculus Rift, Rift S, HTC Vive, and Valve Index cybergoggles. I don't much care for the goggs but I do very much like the idea of petting my pal with motion controls, which I believe are an option out of VR too. Developers Outerloop Games also say they've tweaked the PC release with "new content including a new combat and balance pass, bird skins, and overall quality of life improvements."

Having debuted on PlayStation 4 in April, Falcon Age is coming to the Epic Games Store this summer. Epic tend to pay for one year of PC exclusivity before a game can be released on other stores.

Disclosure: Outerloop list former RPS columnist Cassandra Khaw as one of their "collaborators", I've just noticed. I do not know on what or in which capacity.

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