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Fall Guys Fans are already drawing loads of great skin concepts

An actual TF2 Scout arrived today too

It's been but a single week since Fall Guys came out, and the internet is filled with all kinds of delightful fan art of those wobbly racing jelly beans. One of the fun things about Mediatonic's colourful battle royale, is that you're able to dress up your little player characters in all kinds of silly outfits, so a lot of this fan art has brought us some wonderful concepts for potential skins, including crossovers with other games.

Before I get into the fun fan stuff I want to show you, it's worth mentioning that as I was writing this post, a brilliant new official skin arrived in Fall Guy. It's Scout from Team Fortress 2, looking chonkier than ever.

Now, without further ado, here's some of my fave fan designs that I think would make lovely additions to the Fall Guys wardrobe.

For starters, I will always find a way to put something Hollow Knight related into these posts, so look at this brilliant Knight jelly bean. I can't quite explain why, but this design gives me weird Wallace And Gromit vibes.

Hollow Knight x Fall Guys
by u/HazyAssaulter in HollowKnight

These Overwatch skin concepts are just too cute.

Slightly less cute, but very cool nonetheless, is this Stranger Things Demogorgon suit.

By Alexander Neusinger

Sticking with the horror, I quite like these Five Nights At Freddy's ones. But let's be honest, the sort of players that would use these are absolutely the ones that try to throw other beans off when they reach the top of Slime Climb.

Adorable chubby Wattson from Apex Legends, on the other hand, would never hurt you.

A nice little Ubisoft collection - though, the clear winner amongst these is Globox.

Banjo from Banjo-Kazooie just works a bit too well as a Fall Guy.

No words for this one, other than omg the BB.

What about you, reader? Any skins in mind you'd like to see in Fall Guys?

There are loads more wonderful designs under #FallGuys on Twitter that are well worth a look. Though, as a quick warning, there are also lots of brands like KFC and G-Fuel trying to get in on the Fall Guys skin concept action, too, because of course they are.

Fall Guys is available on Steam right now. If you've yet to secure your very first win in it, check out our Fall Guys guide for some tips and tricks on how to beat each level.

For more RPS rambling about this excellent little battle royale, have a look at the Vidbuds' new show, The PC Gaming Weakspot, where Colm and Matthew have a nice chat about it.

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