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Fall Guys mid-season update adds remixed levels and a giant hammer

Yeet those beans.

Fall Guys, evidently, did not have enough hammers in it. With a few weeks still to go before the game goes castle crashing into its next season, Mediatonic are bringing out the toolkit for a mid-season update. Today's patch shakes up the bouncy battle royale with remixed levels and the irregular appearance of a colossal spectral mallet called "Big Yeetus".

Today's update effectively brings two hammers down on Fall Guys' wobbling bean-folk - a well-deserved banhammer for the cheats, and Timmy Mallett's ghostly gavel for everyone else.

Today's update doesn't add any new rounds, but it has brought a few twists to familiar stages. Gauntlets like See Saw and Hit Parade may now arrive with new barriers, rotated platforms, and bowls of fruit tipped over the course. A few other games have been given smaller changes - notably, lowering the minimum player cap for certain rounds and reducing the length of time you'll be stuck in the rubbish football game.

And then there's Big Yeetus. Appearing at random across stages, this mysterious, malicious mallet pops out of the air to thwack unwitting beans across the map. The trailer shows this helping out players, punting them over their un-yeeted pals to cross the finish line, but I can't imagine there won't be games where the big boy blasts you right off the map.

In between the fun mix-ups, today's update also heralds the arrival of Easy Anti-Cheat to the bean-based Wipeout 'em up - a service used by everyone from Fortnite to Apex Legends. While Mediatonic used to exile hackers to cheat-only servers, now they'll just be getting the boot.

The update also shored up some networking issues, noting that there should be fewer disconnections between rounds. But really, I'd hope these remixes are enough to offset the repetition mentioned in Matt's Fall Guys review - at least, until Season 2 arrives in October.

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