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Fall Guys season 5 brings squad modes and jungle themed levels tomorrow

Jungle stumbles are up next this season

I imagine it would have been tougher for sir Indy Jones to have made it through the Temple Of Doom if he'd been a stumbly, bouncy little guy. That's the fate that Fall Guys season 5 is dooming you to as of tomorrow. The new season theme is a jungle adventure with slippery and bouncy new jungle obstacles. As ever, it will bring a new reward track of costumes and cosmetics to unlock, one of which is that Spelunky fella. Oh, and Mediatonic are adding duos and trios squad modes.

You can catch a look at all the obstacles and levels here in the season 5 gameplay trailer or watch the season reveal over here with a bit more of a dive on each.

Those bouncy lily pads look to be one of the obstacles you'll see a lot in the season's new levels. There are also big expanding frogs that will bump you around as you stumble through gauntlets and some giant rhinos to knock you about too.

In particular, Mediatonic call Lost Temple their most ambitious round so far, a new finale in which you'll "navigate the shapeshifting Lost Temple where the elusive path to the Crown is ever-changing". It's tough to get a look at in the gameplay trailer so you may need to explore that one firsthand.

I'm always up for a gauntlet round, so I'm sure Treetop Tumble full of obstacles will be a good time. That last bean standing Stompin’ Ground level full of rhinos looks like a recipe for personal disaster though.

As for those squad modes, Mediatonic say they're "experimenting with new ways to play together". Duos and Trios shows will be offered as limited time playlists during season 5.

Fall Guys season 5 launches tomorrow, July 20th for you to begin stumbling your way through those new levels and costume rewards.

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