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Fall Guys will debut a sneak peek at season 2 next week

Wait, I'm not ready yet!

I've barely made my way to level 12 of 40 in the first season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout so of course Mediatonic are already talking about teasing the second. Would you all give me a minute? I need to earn at least one crown the proper way before you sweep me into some fresh hell. A sneak peek at what's coming next will debut during Gamescom Opening Night Live next Thursday, August 27th.

The announcement comes by way of Mr. FakE3 himself Geoff Keighley who will be hosting the opening night of Gamescom this year. According to Keighley, the night of trailers and announcements and whatnot will include a "world premiere sneak peek" from Fall Guys.

The existence of a second season itself isn't really a surprise though. It's a competitive multiplayer game. Law decrees that those have seasonal content models now.

In any case, season 1 is scheduled to end 45 days from now in early October, according to the in-game store page. I suppose we might get treated to some spooky new skins if season 2 starts immediately after then? With any luck we'll also have some new rounds to play. Any alternative to struggling through a round of Tail Tag would be welcome, frankly.

Gamescom Opening Night Live will premiere on Thursday, August 27th at 7pm BST / 2pm EDT. You'll be able to watch it on YouTube.

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