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Fallout 4 free to play on Steam this weekend

Fancy a go?

Post-apocalyptic packrat simulator Fallout 4 [official site] will be free to play in full this weekend. The free weekend on Steam will start at 6pm today (10am Pacific) and run until 9pm (1pm Pacific), letting all and sundry and play the base game and poke at mods. (Expansions not included.)

If you dig it and want it for keepsies, the game will be on sale until Monday evening. And for those who already have it, the DLC is going on sale too.

I've not had a crack at Fallout 4 yet so I'll turn you over to words from Wot Alec Thought:

"Vibrant and characterful as well as immense, Fallout 4 is the giant leap forwards Bethesda’s RPGs sorely needed in terms of presentation, though the unrelenting focus on routine, lightweight combat sees it fall just short of triumph status."

My own interest in Bethesda's hollow open-world RPG formula tends to last about a weekend, so this sounds great to me. I look forward to poking around Boston, seeing the sights, building a base, dating a reporter (I'm told it's The Done Thing?), wearing a robot, shooting some dinosaurs, and then stopping.

Given that this supports mods, I'll ask: are there any you particularly recommend, reader dear? Weird big game-changing things would be grand as well as minor tweaks.

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Fallout 4

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