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Fallout 4 stealth mod borrows some Metal Gear tricks

The war economy, the war economy never changes

Though stealth has always been an element of the Fallout games, it's never been interesting stealth. It's been powerful at times, sure, but always a bit bland and never explored in much depth (hey, it's an RPG, not a sneak 'em up). A new mod for Fallout 4 attempts to shake this up a little by introducing two Metal Gear Solid-ish sneaky tricks: whistling and throwing bolts to lure and distract enemies. It's not quite on the same level as walking around wearing a cardboard box with a picture of a sexy lady on to distract horny guards, but the Tactical Distraction System mod does sound neat.

It gives you a whistle as an item, then you'll need to craft bolts (which I think are actually nuts?) from steel. Whistling lures enemies to the spot you whistled from, obvs, and if you hurl a nut they'll go investigate where it landed. Metal Gear's tricks are knocking on objects and hurling empty magazines, but this essentially works the same. Creator 'FLipdeezy' points to Manhunt as another inspiration.

"The mod is pretty simple, but works well," FLipdeezy says.

"Enemies won't immediately be able to find you, they will search the location you were last at if you whistle, or wherever the bolts land if your throw them so get out of there quick and you can lure them around pretty effectively. NPC's aren't stupid though (well, no stupider than vanilla haha) they won't automatically come right to you out in the open, they will search, hide behind cover, peak out etc. Keep in mind they will also ignore you if they are in the middle of a fire fight or distracted by something else."

You can download Tactical Distraction System from NexusMods. FLipdeezy says it dovetails nicely with registrator2000's cover system mod too.

Someone has actually made a Fallout: New Vegas mod adding Metal Gear-style cardboard box stealth, though only with plain old boxes rather than sexy modern boxes.

Ta to cheery RPS fanzine PC Gamer for pointing out Tactical Distraction System.

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