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Fallout 76 armor guide: best armor, how outfits work

All the armor stats

Armor in Fallout 76 can be made and repaired using scrap. With irradiated creatures and other players trying to kill you around every corner, you'll want some protection from damage. Luckily there are also plenty of unattended items lying around that are yours for the taking. It's worth grabbing a ton of scrap to repair armour.

Fallout 76 armor guide

Equipment works slightly differently in Fallout 76 compared to other Fallout games, as the mostly cosmetic outfits are equipped over the top of armour, which increases your defences and resistances. This Fallout 76 armor guide will go over the best armour you can find in the game, details about which outfits have some useful perks, and which armour pieces you should be crafting.

Those looking for a beginner's guide to get started with Fallout 76 should have a look at our Fallout 76 guide. There is quite a bit to cover in this armour guide, so we'll go over exactly how each of the different apparel works.

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How outfits work in Fallout 76

Your character can wear three layers of clothing. The base layer is basic clothing like the Fallout 76 jumpsuit. It also includes hats, glasses or goggles, and anything that covers the mouth. The second layer is where your armour goes, while the third layer consists of special clothes that you wear over the top. You can of course forego the first or third layers should you so wish, but armour should always be worn when going out on an adventure.

Outfits are mostly cosmetic pieces that have very little bearing on your overall stats, but there are some that grant extra protection or effects. Others are very important for obtaining Atoms (more on that in our Fallout 76 challenges guide). Below are the outfits that have stat modifiers that we've discovered so far in the game:

  • Ritual Bindings: Adds 1 damage resistance
  • Spacesuit helmet: -2 Perception, prevents damage and disease from airborne hazards.
  • Gas masks: Adds 1 damage resistance, -2 Perception.
  • Black-rim glasses: +1 Charisma.
  • Garb of Mysteries: +1 Perception.
  • Hazmat Suits: Protection from radiation.
  • Tattered Dress: +1 Perception.

Fallout 76 armor

Crafting the best armour in Fallout 76

There are multiple types of armour that you can create at Armor workbenches. Each one has an associated level with it, so the better the level, the better the stats. Here are all of the armour stats, listed by types:

Fallout 76 armour stats

Below are the armour pieces discovered so far in Fallout 76, along with their base stats. To use the search tool, I highly recommend searching for the type of armour (ie: Leather, Metal, Combat Armour, etc).

Piece nameType of armourBase resistancesWeightOther effects/Notes
Cage ArmourCageDamage: 25 Energy: 2710N/A
Combat Armour armCombat ArmourDamage: 6 Energy: 62.8N/A
Combat Armour chest pieceCombat ArmourDamage: 17 Energy: 167N/A
Combat Armour legCombat ArmourDamage: 6 Energy: 62.8N/A
Damaged Hazmat SuitDamaged Hazmat SuitDamage: 1 Rads: 5004N/A
Forest Scout Armour chest pieceForest Scout Armour Damage: 56 Energy: 367N/A
Forest Scout Armour armForest Scout ArmourDamage: 23 Energy: 182.8N/A
Forest Scout Armour legForest Scout ArmourDamage: 23 Energy: 183N/A
Hazmat SuitHazmat SuitRads: 10005N/A
Heavy Combat Armour chest pieceHeavy Combat ArmourDamage: 27 Energy: 2612.6N/A
Heavy Combat Armour armHeavy Combat ArmourDamage: 10 Energy: 94.95N/A
Heavy Combat Armour legHeavy Combat ArmourDamage: 10 Energy: 95.4N/A
Heavy Leather chest pieceHeavy LeatherDamage: 7 Energy: 107.2N/A
Heavy Leather armHeavy LeatherDamage: 3 Energy: 33.6N/A
Heavy Leather legHeavy LeatherDamage: 3 Energy: 34.05N/A
Heavy Metal chest pieceHeavy MetalDamage: 25 Energy: 59.9N/A
Heavy Metal armHeavy MetalDamage: 13 Energy: 34.5N/A
Heavy Metal legHeavy MetalDamage: 13 Energy: 34.5N/A
Heavy Raider chest pieceHeavy RaiderDamage: 17 Energy: 58.1N/A
Heavy Raider armHeavy RaiderDamage: 8 Energy: 34.05N/A
Heavy Raider legHeavy RaiderDamage: 8 Energy: 34.5N/A
Heavy Robot chest pieceHeavy RobotDamage: 13 Energy: 12 Rads: 710.8N/A
Heavy Robot armHeavy RobotDamage: 5 Energy: 4 Rads: 54.5N/A
Heavy Robot legHeavy RobotDamage: 5 Energy: 4 Rads: 54.95N/A
Helmeted Cage ArmourHelmeted Cage ArmourDamage: 29 Energy: 3511-2 Perception. Prevents damage from any airborne hazards that hit you.
Helmeted Spike ArmourHelmeted Spike ArmourDamage: 13 Energy: 1517Prevent any airborne hazard damage.
Hunter's Pelt OutfitHunter's Pelt OutfitDamage: 16 Energy: 1515N/A
Leather armLeatherDamage: 1 Energy: 22N/A
Leather chest pieceLeatherDamage: 4 Energy: 104N/A
Leather legLeatherDamage: 1 Energy: 22N/A
Marine Armour armMarineDamage: 19 Energy: 173.5N/A
Marine Armour chest pieceMarineDamage: 46 Energy: 18 Rads: 188N/A
Marine Armour legMarineDamage: 18 Energy: 184N/A
Metal armMetalDamage: 8 Energy: 12.5N/A
Metal chest pieceMetalDamage: 15 Energy: 35.5N/A
Metal helmetMetalDamage: 20 Energy: 35.5N/A
Metal legMetalDamage: 8 Energy: 12.5N/A
Brotherhood Knight SuitOutfitDamage: 4 Energy: 2 Rads: 11.4N/A
Brotherhood Officer SuitOutfitDamage: 4 Energy: 2 Rads: 11.4N/A
Brotherhood Soldier SuitOutfitDamage: 4 Energy: 2 Rads: 11.4N/A
Fireman UniformOutfitDamage: 1 Energy: 1 Rads: 11.4+1 Charisma
Fireman UniformOutfitDamage: 2 Energy: 4 Rads: 11.4+1 Perception
Flannel Shirt and JeansOutfitDamage: 1 Energy: 1 Rads: 11.4N/A
Forest Operative UnderarmourOutfitDamage: 2 Energy: 4 Rads: 11.4+1 Perception
HarnessOutfitDamage: 11.1N/A
Long JohnsOutfitDamage: 2 Energy: 11.4+1 Agility
Marine WetsuitOutfitDamage: 2 Energy: 2 Rads: 22.8+1 Endurance
Raider LeathersOutfitDamage: 2 Energy: 11.4+1 Agility
Road LeathersOutfitDamage: 2 Energy: 11.4+1 Agility
Undershirt and JeansOutfitDamage: 1 Energy: 1 Rads: 11.4+1 Charisma
Urban Operative UnderarmourOutfitDamage: 2 Energy: 4 Rads: 11.4+1 Perception
Vault 76 JumpsuitOutfitDamage: 1 Energy: 1 Rads: 11.4+1 Luck
Vault-Tec University JumpsuitOutfitDamage: 1 Energy: 1 Rads: 11.4+1 Luck
Prototype Hazmat SuitPrototype Hazmat SuitDamage: 1 Rads: 10005N/A
Raider armRaiderDamage: 5 Energy: 22.25N/A
Raider chest pieceRaiderDamage: 10 Energy: 44.5N/A
Raider legRaiderDamage: 5 Energy: 22.5N/A
Robot Armour armRobotDamage: 3 Energy: 2 Rads: 12.5N/A
Robot Armour chestRobotDamage: 8 Energy: 7 Rads: 46N/A
Robot Armour legRobotDamage: 3 Energy: 2 Rads: 12.8N/A
Spike ArmourSpikeDamage: 10 Energy: 127N/A
Stand FastStand FastDamage: 2 Energy: 6 Rads: 12.8Modded combat armour. It is obtained after completing the side-quest "Early Warnings"
Sturdy Combat armSturdy CombatDamage: 9 Energy: 83.85N/A
Sturdy Combat chest pieceSturdy CombatDamage: 24 Energy: 249.8N/A
Sturdy Combat legSturdy CombatDamage: 9 Energy: 84.2N/A
Sturdy Leather armSturdy LeatherDamage: 2 Energy: 32.8N/A
Sturdy Leather chest pieceSturdy LeatherDamage: 7 Energy: 85.6N/A
Sturdy Leather legSturdy LeatherDamage: 2 Energy: 33.15N/A
Sturdy Metal armSturdy MetalDamage: 11 Energy: 23.5N/A
Sturdy Metal chest pieceSturdy MetalDamage: 21 Energy: 57.7N/A
Sturdy Metal legSturdy MetalDamage: 11 Energy: 23.5N/A
Sturdy Raider armSturdy RaiderDamage: 7 Energy: 23.15N/A
Sturdy Raider chest pieceSturdy RaiderDamage: 14 Energy: 46.3N/A
Sturdy Raider legSturdy RaiderDamage: 7 Energy: 23.5N/A
Sturdy Robot armSturdy RobotDamage: 4 Energy: 3 Rads: 43.5N/A
Sturdy Robot chest pieceSturdy RobotDamage: 11 Energy: 10 Rads: 68.4N/A
Sturdy Robot legsSturdy RobotDamage: 4 Energy: 3 Rads: 43.85N/A
Trapper armsTrapperDamage: 6 Energy: 4 Rads: 53N/A
Trapper chest pieceTrapperDamage: 4 Energy: 6 Rads: 135N/A
Trapper legsTrapperDamage: 6 Energy: 4 Rads: 53.5N/A
Urban Scout Armour chest pieceUrban Scout ArmourDamage: 51 Energy: 337N/A
Urban Scout Armour armUrban Scout ArmourDamage: 12 Energy: 182.75N/A
Urban Scout Armour legUrban Scout ArmourDamage: 23 Energy: 182.5N/A
Wood armWoodDamage: 2 Energy: 11.8N/A
Wood chest pieceWoodDamage: 8 Energy: 33.5N/A
Wood legWoodDamage: 2 Energy: 11.8N/A

Legendary armour perks

In a similar fashion to the weapons, which you can find out about in our Fallout 76 weapons guide, there are certain enemies that are considered "Legendary". They are the enemies with stars next to their name and can sometimes heal themselves fully when at low health.

When they are killed, they drop one piece of legendary equipment that is essentially a buffed up version of the standard armour. Below are all the Legendary effects that appear on armour.

Effect NameEffect Description
Acrobat's-50% Falling damage.
Assassin's-15% damage from human enemies.
BolsteringIncreased Energy/Damage Resistance based on how low your health is.
Cavalier's-15% damage sustained while sprinting or blocking.
Chameleon'sHarder to be detected while sneaking and not moving.
Duelist'sGrants user a 10% chance to disarm a melee weapon from an enemy.
Exterminator's-15% damage from Mirelurks and Bugs.
Ghoul Slayer's-15% damage from Ghouls.
Hunter's-15% damage from animals.
Junkie'sTake less damage based on the number of Chem withdrawal effects you are suffering from.
Mutant Slayer's-15% damage from Super Mutants.
Sprinter's+10% movement speed.
Troubleshooter's-15% damage from Robots.

Unique garments locations

Like the unique weapons, there are unique items of clothing for all three layers that increase certain stats. These unique items are normally rewards for completing quests and these quests have the potential to reward you with some of the best items in the game. The Eye of Ra is a good example of this, as it increases the stats of certain associated weapons. I've listed all the ones I've discovered in the game below.

Item NameItem TypeBuffsLocation
Eye of RaAccessoryEnhances certain weapons/armour (Mistress of Mystery). Must be worn with "Garb of Mysteries" light armour for effect.Obtained during quest "The Mistress of Mystery".
Garb of MysteriesLight armourIncreased damage and energy resistance. Improves Perception and Sneak. Effects buffed when worn with "Eye of Ra".Complete the quest "Initiate of Mysteries" and obtain from the NPC - The Fabricator.
Last BastionUrban Enclave Torso+5 accuracy with ballistic weaponsCompete quest "Officer on Deck".
Prototype Hazmat SuitHazmat SuitSome radiation protection.Complete side quest "Tracking Unknowns".
Stand FastCombat armourBecome harder to detect while sneaking.Complete quest "Early Warnings".
Silver LiningLeather armour+1 EnduranceComplete quest "Tentative Plans".
Trail WardenMetal torso+1 PerceptionComplete quest "Bureau of Tourism".
Veil of SecretsHeadwearPrevent all damage and diseases from any airborne hazards/attacks.Complete the quest "Initiate of Mysteries" and obtain from the NPC - The Fabricator.
Worn VeilHeadwearIt's the damaged worn veil.Obtained during quest "Into the Mystery".

Power Armor stats

Finally, I've listed the Power Armor parts in the table below. You can equip individual Power Armor pieces from the helmet, torso, arms, and legs.

For the sake of clarity, the stats below for arms and legs are for one piece each, so keep in mind that in real terms the weight and protection will be double for each of those parts if you have a full Power Armor set. If you'd like to know where to find the various Power Armors in the game, there is a Fallout 76 Power Armor locations guide with some of the key locations.

Power Armor Piece nameType of Power Armor and equip levelResistancesWeightOther effects
Raider Power helmRaider Power (Level 15)Damage: 24 Energy: 23 Rads: 2310Prevent damage and disease from airborne and waterborne attacks.
Raider Power chest pieceRaider Power (Level 15)Damage: 41 Energy: 40 Rad: 4014
Raider Power armRaider Power (Level 15)Damage: 24 Energy: 23 Rad: 2310
Raider Power legRaider Power (Level 15)Damage: 24 Energy: 23 Rad: 2312
Excavator helmetExcavator (Level 25)Damage: 25 Energy: 24 Rad: 3510Prevent damage and disease from airborne and waterborne attacks.
Excavator torsoExcavator (Level 25)Damage: 42 Energy: 41 Rad: 3512
Excavator armExcavator (Level 25)Damage: 25 Energy: 24 Rad: 3511Increased yield when mining. Applies separately to each arm.
Excavator legExcavator (Level 25)Damage: 25 Energy: 24 Rad: 3512
T-45 helmetT-45 (Level 25)Damage: 35 Energy: 34 Rad: 3411Prevent damage and disease from airborne and waterborne attacks.
T-45 torsoT-45 (Level 25)Damage: 58 Energy: 57 Rads: 5716
T-45 armT-45 (Level 25)Damage: 35 Energy: 34 Rads: 3412
T-45 legT-45 (Level 25)Damage: 35 Energy: 34 Rads: 3414
T-51B helmetT-51B (Level 30)Damage: 45 Energy: 44 Rads: 2711Prevent damage and disease from airborne and waterborne attacks.
T-51B torsoT-51B (Level 30)Damage: 76 Energy: 75 Rads: 2717
T-51B armT-51B (Level 30)Damage: 45 Energy: 44 Rads: 2712
T-51B legT-51B (Level 30)Damage: 45 Energy: 44 Rads: 2714
T-60 helmetT-60 (Level 40)Damage: 51 Energy: 49 Rad: 5611Prevent damage and disease from airborne and waterborne attacks.
T-60 torsoT-60 (Level 40)Damage: 84 Energy: 81 Rad: 9418
T-60 armT-60 (Level 40)Damage: 51 Energy: 49 Rad: 5612
T-60 legT-60 (Level 40)Damage: 51 Energy: 49 Rad: 5614
X-01 helmetX-01 (Level 45)Damage: 55 Energy: 62 Rads: 6212Prevent damage and disease from airborne and waterborne attacks.
X-01 torsoX-01 (Level 45)Damage: 90 Energy: 103 Rads: 10419
X-01 armX-01 (Level 45)Damage: 55 Energy: 62 Rads: 6213
X-01 legX-01 (Level 45)Damage: 55 Energy: 62 Rads: 6215
Ultracite helmetUltracite (Level 50)Damage: 69 Energy: 59 Rads: 5912Prevent damage and disease from airborne and waterborne attacks.
Ultracite torsoUltracite (Level 50)Damage: 114 Energy: 98 Rads: 9820
Ultracite armUltracite (Level 50)Damage: 68 Energy: 45 Rads: 4513
Ultracite legUltracite (Level 50)Damage: 68 Energy: 45 Rads: 4515

Fallout 76 guide

Fallout 76 guide series

This completes our Fallout 76 armor guide. There are many guides listed below for the game, detailing things like what each perk card does and what you need to craft certain weapons. There are also some guides dedicated to the new stuff that appeared in the Wastelanders expansion:

Fallout 76 Wasteland guides

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