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Fallout 76 brewing delayed to tomorrow

Just couldn't face the morning, eh?

If you're looking to get blasted on moonshine as an escape from the grim pointlessness of the post-apocalyptic wasteland, you'll need to wait one more day for Fallout 76 to start its 'Wild Appalachia' season of updates. This was supposed to kick off today with brewing and distilling but Bethesda have delayed the launch ever so slightly because they needed a little extra time. On the scale of the multiplayer survival sandbox's slip-ups, this is fairly small.

Introduced through a new quest, brewing and distilling is a new crafting system which lets survivors cook up their own adult beverages with various positive and negative stats - y'know, the way booze is in Fallout. Some do sound a lark, like Firecracker Whisky which makes melee attacks set both our enemies and us ablaze. Some drinks can be fermented or mixed to get stronger effects too. Potions. You're brewing potions. Potions which make you mighty but clumsy.

See this Bethesda blog post for more details on that.

"We just need a little more time to brew," Bethesda said yesterday in announcing the delay. The update will now launch on Wednesday, March 12th. Patch 7 is due to bring more changes too.

Other updates in the Wild Appalachia season are still due to hit on Tuesdays, as detailed on the updated roadmap. This delay is, theoretically, a one-off. Tuesday the 19th is due to bring a springtime parade complete with decorations, costumes, and questing.

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