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Fallout 76 introduces new problem while re-fixing old problems

A comedy of errors

In a comedy of errors, a Fallout 76 "hotfix" patch intended to re-fix issues that Bethesda previously fixed then accidentally undid has seemingly introduced a whole new nasty problem. Something went awry during the development of this week's Patch 5, meaning not all changes from Patch 4 carried over so suddenly lockpicking bobby pins were heavy again, among other issues. A wee "hotfix" patch launched yesterday to re-fix these, but now players are finding a whole new bug is binning some of their crafting materials. Oh dear.

This started on Tuesday with Patch 5, which arrived with the usual patchy assortment of fixes and tweaks but also had some unintended consequences, including reverting that change from Patch 4 which reduced the weight of bobby pins from 0.1lbs to 0.001lbs (those 45 grams sure can add up). That wasn't the only reversion.

"It appears that a merge of internal development builds failed to execute properly prior to releasing Patch 5," a Bethesda rep responded on Reddit. "The team is working to identify how this happened so we can prevent this from repeating in the future."

So along came Thursday's hotfix, fiddling with bobby pins and bulk scrap. And that has brought a new problem.

"Bulk items now correctly autoscrap when crafting and making repairs," Bethesda said in the hotfix notes. They do not appear to be correctly autoscrapping.

Many players note in this Reddit thread that, since the hotfix, they've lost a lot of useful materials they'd converted to bulk. Oh no. On we go.

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