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Fallout 76's new One Wasteland update adds level scaling

Don't stop me now, Scorchbeast

Fallout 76 has launched another update, this one bringing a bit of equality to Appalachia. The One Wasteland Update balances 76's combat with the goal of easing news players into the game while making sure those mavericks over level 200 will still have some appropriate challenges. Along with level scaling, the new update kicks off Season 2 of the game's S.C.O.R.E. reward track system.

"At its core, One Wasteland allows enemy creature levels to adjust dynamically so that they better match each player they encounter," Bethesda explained in a previous preview post on the feature. "Let’s imagine you are playing as a level 300 character, and you decide to head to West Tek with a friend who is level 30. Even though you will both see the exact same Super Mutants at that location, their levels will automatically appear higher to you and lower to your friend so that they are more appropriate to your individual characters. In addition to their levels, the Super Mutants’ damage, health, and resistances, as well as the loot they drop and the XP they award, will also better match each player."

This is a pretty welcome change for me, the dork still running around at level 40 while multiple friends who've far outpaced me have gotten relegated to being my personal bodyguards. Suppose this means I've got no excuse for my untimely death anymore.

In addition to level scaling, One Wasteland adds Legendary Perk Cards for players over level 50 to further customise their character builds with some new special abilities. Bethesda have also added Daily Ops that add some replayability to Fallout 76's dungeons with randomised enemies and objectives.

You can spot more details on these changes and some of the rewards you can earn by progressing through the Season 2 S.C.O.R.E card over on Bethesda's site. There's also the full One Wasteland patch notes if that's your speed.

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