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The Bomb: Fallout Anthology Out October 2nd

Bang bang

Bethesda are taking advantage of the encroaching release of Fallout 4 [official site] with plans to release a hefty collection of Fallout games. They're calling it, quite naturally, Fallout Anthology.

Put a circle around October 2nd in your calendars; the Anthology includes all five games in the Fallout series from the original through New Vegas, and all the relevant DLC in between. There's also space in its fake mini-nuke box reserved for Fallout 4, which is due out around a month later on November 10th.

They're packaging it in an "exclusive mini-nuke storage case with audible bomb sound", so don't bring it out anywhere in public unless we're in a nuclear winter by then. I'd have prefered it inside a giant irradiated rat but nobody listens to me.

Here's everything you get, with a price tag of £39.99:

This Fallout collection includes:
• Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition
- The Pitt
- Operation: Anchorage
- Broken Steel
- Point Lookout
- Mothership Zeta
• Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition
- Dead Money
- Honest Hearts
- Old World Blues
- Lonesome Road
- Gun Runners' Arsenal
- Courier's Stash
• Fallout Tactics
• Fallout 2
• Fallout

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