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Fancy creator homepages come to Steam

There are over 500 so far

I’m not sure how many new features Valve will need to bolt onto Steam to aid in the discovery of games before it actually works, but today we see another one arrive. It’s actually a good one this time, though! Creator Homepages are custom hubs attached to developers and publishers, essentially working in the same way as Curator pages. You can follow them and get notifications about new games, while they can create lists and collections, or shine a spotlight on specific games.

If you click on the name of one of the 500+ companies participating in the beta right now, instead of being taken to a plain browsing list, you’ll instead be transported to a flashy new page that serves as a much more welcoming gateway to its library.

How helpful the pages end up being will depend on the developers and publishers as well as Steam, since they get to decide how the page is used, how their games are displayed and what information they give followers. From the announcment:

"A studio might divide its games into collections by genre or franchise, or could choose to highlight their fan-favorite or top-selling games. A developer of only a single game might primarily dedicate their homepage to announcements of new projects."

The announcement page contains a list of every company with a page so far, but as that is already too big a list to really be helpful, there are a bunch of recommendations at the top of the page. They're ostensibly based on the games you play, but in typical Steam fashion, they’re not great suggestions. Apparently I should definitely check out the page of a developer who has made two games, neither of which I own, in a genre I dislike.

Well, it is in beta.

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