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Fan's Folly: Jurassic Park: Aftermath

Here's how much I love Jurassic Park: back in the Dextrassic period (January 10th 2007 to August 28th 2011), I lived with internet-famous John Walker and a bunch of other handsome people. We all shared a cat. The antics of that cat have been well documented in the pages of The Cat Magazine, but there's one thing John doesn't mention in all his articles about MY cat. Whenever Dexter wanted a cat treat, he'd sit up on his back legs and eat them out of the palm of our hands. He looked like a cute little brachiosaurus. Picture this: three grown men and a lady standing in a broken kitchen, one feeding a standing cat as the others hum the music from the movie... which brings me nicely to this astonishing looking Jurassic Park fanmade Cryengine game: Jurassic Park: Aftermath

The last time I posted about this guy's work, he was making a JP game in Unity and messing about with the Cryengine in his spare time. In the meantime, he's clearly re-evaluated his life and decided that the Cryengine's flexibility is the way forward. Looking at the video, I think he's made the correct decision. Hell, he's even got John Williams on board to provide the music. Ahem.

It's only a few weeks old, and like a Raptor hatching from an egg, it'll have to be handled carefully. With the release of the first movie in 3D, I do worry that he might have all his hard work stomped into the mud by Legalsauraus. If that's the case, the solution is to buy the Dextrasssic Park rights from us and replace all the dinos with wet Dexter. Terrifying! We even have a soundtrack planned.

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Jurassic Park

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