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Far Cry 4's Kyrat Has Bad Guys 'n' Badgers

No references to weebl, thank you

Why did we never think of this before? Attack dogs are SO 2005, it's all about angry badgers [That's so 2011 -ed.] attempting to aggressively acquire your watch now. At least that's what I'm taking away from the latest Far Cry 4 trailer, which gives a quick tour of the fictional Himalayan region where the game's set. Don't worry, it's not all cute animals, there's plenty of knife-stabs, gun-shoots and elephant-tramples to go along with that little guy.

Bonus points for totally unironic use of the term 'death zone.' And giant tigers helping you through what seems to be a stunningly bad trip. It looks like the tiger will be an ally as you re-enact a legend from the land's past, going by a short peek of it during Sony's Gamescom briefing this week. The esoteric design and otherworldly nature of the whole thing is similar to the hallucinations that made up part of Far Cry 3's main storyline.

There was also a brief bit of co-op goodness shown. One particular moment when a player used the elephant he was riding to alley-oop a soldier towards his friend's waiting shotgun was a bit of a highlight. Co-op will make anything fun, but the more ridiculous concepts - and you can get a LOT of ridiculous concepts into games as large and ambitious as Ubisoft ones - the better. Now, if I could be the tiger, that'd be really something.

All this and probably some sort of mechanic where you climb a tower and reveal the surrounding area on your map will be available November 18th.

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