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Far Cry 5 trailers tease new setting: Montana

A visit to the US of A

Update, May 24th: Ubisoft today released some artwork which sure makes it look like Far Cry 5 is about a kooky Christian cult. Watch yourselves, gang: the master satirists of Ubisoft are at it again. Who wants to place bets on how many times they say "subversive" during Friday's big reveal event?

Well, I wasn't far off in my prediction that Far Cry 5 [official site] would be "set in the fiefdoms of a post-Brexit Britain." Ubisoft have squeezed out a quartet of teaser trailers for the next open-world FPS and yeehaw, it's off to that America. These trailers show teensy corners of Hope County in Montana, and... that's about it. It's set in Montana. When it is set is unknown. One's mind might jump to the Wild West but these look pretty dang modern to me. We'll find out for certain at a a proper big reveal-y thing on Friday. E3 season drags everything out.

Here's one murder:

A second murder, with a fella wearing some not-Wild Western togs and some unwild farm buildings in the background:

Another murder, with more not-ancient clothing:

And a scream:

A whole mess of rumours were sparked earlier this year by a crew shooting live-action bits for video game trailers in Montana. Some assumed it'd be Red Dead Redemption 2, though Internet detectives decided Far Cry was likelier. These teasers could be what came of that. Some had assumed it would be Wild West-y but looking at these, nah, this seems modern-ish.

They're only teaser trailers, though. I'll not spend ages poring over them for minute details because marketing doesn't warrant that.

Our Adam says he might prefer Far Cry 5 go a bit like No Country for Old Men and Hell or High Water rather than anything rootin' or tootin', and I think I'd prefer that too.

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