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Far Cry 6 is getting new Lost Between Worlds DLC and you can own it via the £100 GOTY Edition

It's not out or announced yet though

Far Cry 6's Game Of The Year edition is out now, which is great news for people who have £100 to spend and who have never felt regret. That's how much it will cost you to buy the package from the Epic Games Store. It includes the base game and the three pieces of DLC released thus far. More interestingly, it also includes a new expansion that hasn't even been announced yet.

The store page makes mention of an all new expansion called Lost Between Worlds which is "coming soon". That name is all the information there is about it.

Otherwise, you're getting the DLC previously released as part of Far Cry 6's season pass, which let you play as villains from previous Far Cry games: Vaas from Far Cry 3, Pagan from Far Cry 4 and Joseph Seed from Far Cry 5. You also get Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Classic Edition (which was also bundled with the season pass, gold edition and ultimate edition of the base game) and three packs of cosmetic items. Confused yet?

Presumably Lost Between Worlds will be available to buy separately in due course.

Ed's Far Cry 6 review found it to be familiar, messy fun. Which in my eyes was an improvement, because I thought Far Cry 5 was pretty dour. Not so much of an improvement that I'd pay £100 for it and its DLC, but "game with all its DLC adds up to a high price" isn't exactly a shock these days.

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