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Far Cry: New Dawn bursts into stores

Also featuring a good Shiba Inu

The vivid post-apocalyptic playground of Far Cry: New Dawn’s Hope County is now open for visitors. Liberate some bases, maybe set some things on fire, definitely come across some weird political subtext that Ubisoft insists actually isn’t there – it’s a Far Cry game, you probably know roughly what to expect.

“This apocalypse has been too much fun,” say the twins, as they run around with guns and trucks and cause explosions in the launch trailer (below). Except they’re the antagonists, and you're the hero, so I'm sure it's completely different when you're the one enjoying the chaos.

I am, at least, extremely glad that game developers have all agreed to start splashing pink all over the place. It’s a very good look.

Matt spent some time gallivanting around this prettier, deadlier version of Montana with his pals, a sniper granny and a friendly boar, as told in his Far Cry: New Dawn review. He found it to be, again, another Far Cry, albeit with some iterative progress like a shiny new double jump. “It’s an experience that’s familiar at its core while fresh enough to entice me back,” says he.

I must confess, if only in hushed tones, that I think I liked Far Cry 5 more than most people, so I’m looking forward to trying this one on for size. But if I don't finally get to murder Joseph Seed, cult leader and annoyance extraordinaire from the last game who is reappearing in this one like a truly unwelcome phoenix from the nuclear ashes, I will be rather cross.

If you want to know how to get the best out of Far Cry New Dawn on your PC, Katharine's graphics performance guide has you more than covered.

Far Cry: New Dawn is available to purchase now via Steam, Uplay, and Humble for £37.99/€49.99/$39.99.

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Far Cry: New Dawn

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