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Far: Lone Sails sequel Changing Tides sets sail on March 1st

And it'll be on Game Pass at launch

After trundling across the desert with a wee sandskiff in the delightful Far: Lone Sails, developers Okomotive will soon invite us to sail above and below a strange ocean in the sequel. They announced today that Far: Changing Tides will launch on the 1st of March and oh goodness me, it's another anticipated indie that will be available through Game Pass from the start. (Anticipated by us, anyway—it's one of our most anticipated games of 2022.)

Changing Tides will introduce a new protagonist on a new adventure in new parts of the old Far setting. Toe is their name, and they've woken up in a flooded world they'll need to cross with a weird ship, scavenging for supplies and fixing things along the way. And also a whole lot of, y'know, just drinking in this big mood.

Yes, absolutely I'm up for more of these vibes, especially because the sequel enters my native element. Our Far: Lone Sails review gave the 2018 original a big thumbs-up.

"I've never played anything quite like Far: Lone Sails, and in this turbulent world of ours its meditative and gentle journey was exactly what I needed," Sam Greer said. "And, you know, I got to pretend to be the captain of a mad sail train for a few hours, so that's something."

Far: Changing Tides is due to launch March 1st on Steam, Epic, and Microsoft's Store. It'll cost £15/€20/$20 or be covered by a PC Game Pass subscription. Game's headed to PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch too.

To help tide you over, here's a big long new video with landscapes and soundscapes:

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Far: Changing Tides

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