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Farabel Reverses Turn-Based Battle Stories

Two steps forward, one step back

I do not really have the patience for turn-based strategy. I like listening to Adam talk about it in the RPS treehouse and then I pretend that our shared employment means his victories and experiences are basically mine. Farabel [official site] sounds interesting, though, because it adds a strange layer of time travelling into the mix and makes you play from the end of the game backwards, decreasing your stats the further back in time you go.

This idea is that the difficulty curve increases because your advantages gradually get taken away from you as the game progresses. I've finished a couple of levels of the build I've got and after victories you get your character stats and have to remove points from them, making them more vulnerable in some way.

It still feels kind of weird and a bit wonky, because you're there in the end battle and it's necessarily straightforward because you're learning rather than accomplished what with how time works in the real world. That meant I didn't really have the sense of being at the end of a battle, just that I was taking a tutorial with slightly different flavour text. But the idea of the difficulty progressing because your character is levelling down instead of up fits the game idea, and the combat so far has this blocky, simplicity to it which means I haven't bounced off it yet.

It's out later today hence this seeming a decent time to mention why I've been playing it and that the ideas seemed interesting. It'll be on Windows, Mac, and Linux through Steam, Itch, and Humble.

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