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Fast & Furious Crossroads exploding out next year

Parp parp!

The delightfully daft Fast & Furious movies are getting a new video game adaptation next year from the makers of Project Cars and Need For Speed: Shift. Fast & Furious Crossroads is its name, and doing car crimes while dodging explosions and wrecking balls is its game. F&F is one of the few movies I worry would get less silly in a game but Slightly Mad Studios are out here in the trailer swinging wrecking ball after wrecking ball at the gang so I live in hope.

Yes, they do have Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and Tyrese Gibson voicing their movie characters.

Publishers Bandai Namco describe Crossroads as "a team-based, vehicular-heist action game" about the gang pulling heists, throwing stunts, playing with gadgets, and driving real fast. It'll have a singleplayer story campaign, obvs, and a yet-unrevealed multiplayer mode too. Fingers crossed that will be daft explosive races like Split/Second or some zany carfights rather than anything serious.

Slightly Mad (who were recently bought by Codemasters) are a slightly odd choice to adapt such a wild movie series, considering their racing games tend to have a sim-y bent, but they certainly do like cars. And as the old saying goes: you have to know physics before you can break physics.

Fast & Furious Crossroads is coming via Steam in May 2020. For now, the game's website has more information - not about the game, but about the cars its heroes like.

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