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Fear Alma Again

A Project Origin trailer for you:

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Eek, Gametrailers, hold our hands!

Pre-rendered cutscene = spooky good! In-game footage = that looks familiar. But cutscene = eek! But in-game = what's the deal with that HUD? But cutscene = swings and roundabout and Don't Look Now! But in-game = corridors and corridors and corridors.

The HUD is troubling me. There's only so many degrees of separation I can afford before the horror won't touch me. With that bendy, distorting, fuzzy and messy grid, I may as well have a giant translucent sign in front of my monitor saying, "YOU'RE IN YOUR ROOM AT YOUR COMPUTER IN YOUR HOUSE, AND NOT IN THIS FICTIONAL WORLD AT ALL." But we shall see.

In other news, I'm now completely happy with the name. It's semiotic value has now taken on, "FEAR 2" for me entirely, and you know what, it's not so sucky at all.

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