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Befriend a bird in Falcon Age on Steam today


Having grown tired of ridding the Epic Games Store of frightened rodents over the past year, first-person bird 'em up Falcon Age is expanding its hunting grounds from the Epic Games Store. Part robot-bashing action and part virtual pet, Outerloop's feathered debut arrives on Steam today, with 25% off for folks who adopt one of their virtual birds-of-prey for the next week.

Taking flight on the Epic Games Store last year (and PlayStation a few months before that), Falcon Age's aviary android-bashing adventure has finally perched itself on Steam's shelves.

Outerloop's debut is a tactical bird befriender about using your feathered friends to fend off an invasion from colonial corporate robots - exploring the wilderness and solving most of your problems by hurling a massive falcon at 'em. While that may all sound quite self-serious, it's also worth noting that Falcon Age is very much a game about dressing up a bird and making it dab.

While it's very much a game that wants you to stick on a big plastic headset and pat a virtual bird with your very real hands, Falcon Age is still perfectly playable outside of VR. Headset or no, dressing up a tiny baby falcon in a top-hat and neckerchief while dying its feathers pink is still extremely good, actually. At least, according to Aviary dress-up expert Alice Bell.

"Yes, you could sell your robot scrap parts and spend the money you get on sensible things, like bombs or ingredients. But why do that when you could get your falcon a little t-rex hat or a bowtie? You can also buy what I assume is the avian equivalent of hair dye to change the colour of your Falcon’s plumage."

Falcon Age is out now for 25% off on Steam, at £11.61/€12.59/$14.99.

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