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Felix The Reaper begins his dance with death next month

A dance to die for

Listen, it's a tough world out there. Whether dead or alive, we're all feeling the strain, and it's hard enough getting a job even with a heartbeat. It's hard being a shy, dance-loving skeleton in the modern job market. But Felix The Reaper has posted his application and nailed the interview. Congratulations, you daft undead lad, your first day at the Ministry of Death has been penned in for next month.

It boogies on over to Steam on October 17th. There's something notably off about this dev diary announcing that release date, mind.

Yup. He does, indeed, sculpt stuff.

Part puzzle, part adventure game, Felix needs to navigate the land of the living and trigger some... unfortunate, accidents. As a supernatural subordinate of death itself, getting caught out in daylight is less than ideal. Felix The Reaper is largely about navigating neat grid-based puzzles, shifting the sunlight direction to keep yourself cloaked in shadows. Felix may have a hit-list, but they're all bureaucratically-approved murders. Death is simply a career-advancing necessity at the Ministry of Death.

Oh, but he is quite a softie, with a pair of dancing shoes and a Walkman at his side. Felix has gone and got himself a crush in the Ministry of Life, and figures going out into the land of the living and doing some top murders will get himself closer to his beloved. Um, a bit creepy, that. Perhaps best not to think about it.

They are very good dance moves, though. Developers Kong Orange were quite taken by persistent depictions of a jolly grim reaper bopping across art history, kicking off the idea to build a game about the incorporeal killer clerk.

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