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Northern Delights: Games Festival Feral Vector Next Month

Hepden Bridge 29/30 May

Feral Vector - formerly known as Bit Of Alright - is a UK games festival which hosts talks, games, experiments and elbow-rubbing from/with assorted cheerful and interesting developer types. It's curated by David Hayward, who organised the Leftfield Collection at EGX and Rezzed. Pip thought the last one was lovely. A slight change of plan for 2015 though: mindful that everything ever seems to happen in London, this year's Feral Vector has upped sticks to Yorkshire in the hope that game-makers and game-players who traditionally get left out of this sort of thing can attend.

Feral Vector is being held at Hebden Bridge on May 29 and 30th this yaer, and tickets of assorted pricing depending your means and generosity are available now. It's hosted in a restored former Baptist church, no less. Any restored former Baptists in the audience tonight? No? Well, it's worth going along anyway, I think.

Cos of stuff like this: "near the hills, bluebells and lambs with a whole host of games to play, workshops to take part in, installations to play with, performances to watch and talks to listen to - including sessions covering game design from it’s fundamental skills to the outer fringes where it relates to cities, politics and poetry amongst other things." There'll also be a botany walk co-hosted by Ed Key, of Proteus fame. This alone makes me dearly want to go.

Other devs include the folks behind Titan Souls, Big Robot's Tom Betts (disclaimer - oh, you know), Heartwood's Kerry Turner and a whole bunch more. There'll be plenty of games, of the traditional, the experimental and local multiplayerer kind alike, and assorted mini-events. More details here.

It sounds calm, friendly and cuddly. I.e. this probably isn't for you if you're all about your codblops, but if you're at all interested in games as something wider, smarter, sillier, more playful and/or more meaningful, get thee to a restored former Baptist church.

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