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Feudal Rage: War Of The Vikings' New Berserker Class

Grahamed this post to the max

Wouldn't it be great to do something with such terrifying, trance-like fury that your performance creates a new word in a language you don't even speak? Berserkers were Norse warriors that did exactly that. That means you might want to try them out in War of the Vikings, the melee combat multiplayer game. There's a video of the freely available new class below, and I am going to embed that YouTube trailer with such uncontrollable rage that my name will echo throughout history.

Did it work? Where you are, Future Person, does "to go utterly Graham" now mean something cool? Please find a way to let me know.

To represent the Berserker's fury in-game, the class has a new 'Blood Rage' trait in which they, when struck by a fatal blow, experience 10 seconds of (angry) grace during which they can endeavour to save their own lives by taking another. Essentially it's the equivalent of something like Team Fortress 2's Equalizer.

The new class is joined by three new maps, and a new Domination mode in which both teams must capture and hold points to deplete their opponent's respawn tickets. Just like the real vikings.

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