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Fiddle With The Gundamentals In Relock

It's always interesting seeing how games come to be. Take Relock: it was inspired by Wolfire's excellent Receiver, a complicated gun sim that was made for the 7-day FPS challenge in the middle of last year. Receiver is excellent, but with Wolfire currently making a wabbit kung-fu sim, it's unlikely to get much love. So Relock is here to give the people that loved Receiver something to be excited about, though it's missing the oddball story, NPCs, and randomly created levels. So what does it have?

Multiplayer! The important thing here is it plans to take Receiver's oh-god-how-the-hell-does-this-thing-work panic online. I've no idea how it'll feel yet, as there's only an out-dated and limited single-player demo to play with so far, but I like the idea of facing off against people only to watch the magazine drop out of the gun. Who am I kidding? That'll be me every time. So far it's not quite as complicated as Receiver, but it's still a step up from most 'hit button to game' shooters.

The single-player demo has none of the panic, as you're in a shooting range, but I like the aesthetics, which are clean and simple, and the gun's clickiness is pleasant enough for me to keep tracking this one.

This is a very alpha video, so there's more missing than there is actual game.

It's on Greenlight, if you're keen. And I hear there's going to be a multiplayer test on April 2nd.

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