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FIFA 23 First XI SBC solution

Learn how to complete the First XI SBC in FIFA 23

Looking for a FIFA 23 First XI SBC solution? If you want the top players in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, you need to do SBCs. These Squad Building Challenges ask you to build a team with specific requirements, and offer amazing rewards. The FIFA 23 First XI SBC is a particularly tough challenge, but it rewards players with a Rare Players Pack, which could include some of the best players in FIFA 23.

In this guide, we’ll explain an easy solution for the FIFA 23 First XI SBC, so that you can open a Rare Players Pack and build an incredible Ultimate Team squad.

FIFA 23 First XI SBC requirements

The FIFA 23 First XI SBC is part of the Advanced Hybrid Leagues challenge. To complete the First XI SBC, you must build a squad with the following requirements:

  • Your squad must contain players from exactly 11 different leagues.
  • Your squad must only contain gold players.
  • Your squad must contain a minimum of seven rare players.
  • Each player in your squad must have a minimum chemistry of two.
  • Your squad must have a minimum overall chemistry rating of 27.

The First XI SBC is a complicated challenge that might leave you feeling stumped, but it’s well worth the effort. Fortunately, we’re here to make this SBC as easy as possible, as we’ve searched the Transfer Market for the perfect First XI SBC solution.

FIFA 23 First XI SBC solution

FIFA 23 First XI SBC solution showing Vinicius, Romarinho, Felipe Anderson, Oscar, Gerson, Willian Arao, Danilo, Mauro Junior, Marcao, Matheus Reis, and Jean in an Ultimate Team squad.

For the First XI SBC, you should aim to assemble a squad of players with the same nationality. This will give your players the minimum chemistry rating of two, while allowing you to select players from a range of leagues. For this FIFA 23 First XI SBC solution, we are using players from Brazil.

Below, you can find the full list of Brazilian players (and their leagues) that we used in our FIFA 23 First XI SBC solution:

  • ST: Vinicius (ENG 1)
  • LM: Romarinho (SAU 1)
  • RM: Felipe Anderson (ITA 1)
  • CM: Oscar (CHN 1)
  • CM: Gerson (FRA 1)
  • CDM: Willian Arao (TUR 1)
  • LB: Danilo (GER 1)
  • RB: Mauro Junior (NED 1)
  • CB: Marcao (ESP 1)
  • CB: Matheus Reis (POR 1)
  • GK: Jean (LIB)

All of these players are from Brazil, giving them the minimum chemistry requirement, but every one of them plays in a different league. Since the First XI SBC only requires seven rare players, we’ve opted for cheaper common gold cards in a few slots. There’s no rating requirement for the First XI SBC, which allows you to pick some lower rated players that you can get cheap on the Transfer Market.

Overall, our FIFA 23 First XI SBC solution should cost you somewhere between 15000 and 25000 coins. The lower price might take some patience, as you’ll need to bid low on the Transfer Market and wait to see if you win. If you have 25k coins spare, you should be able to afford all of the players in our First XI SBC solution at their buy now price.

Completing the First XI SBC rewards you with a Rare Players Pack. This contains 12 cards, all of which are rare gold players. One of those players is guaranteed to be rated 83+, meaning you’re sure to get some excellent players to fill out your squad. We even pulled a Team of the Week Aitor card in our Rare Players Pack, so the First XI SBC is certainly worth the effort.

That wraps up our FIFA 23 First XI SBC solution guide, but there are more ways to open some amazing Ultimate Team packs. If you want to complete more SBCs, take a look at our guide on the FIFA 23 Around the World SBC solution. If you don't have early access, learn the FIFA 23 release date and time for standard edition players. While you're waiting to get on the pitch, take a look at everything we know about FIFA 23, which includes information on Ultimate Team changes and crossplay.

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