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How to do an outside foot shot in FIFA 23

Learn how to do an outside foot shot in FIFA 23

Want to know how to do an outside foot shot in FIFA 23? Outside foot shots are very strong in FIFA 23, but they aren't easy to pull off. Regardless of whether you have the best players in FIFA 23, outside foot shots are one of the best ways to consistently score goals. If you don't know how to master this fancy technique and need a hand, we're here to help you with your training.

In this guide, we explain how to perform the outside foot shot in FIFA 23, so that you can score countless goals without breaking a sweat.

How to do an outside foot shot in FIFA 23

To do an outside foot shot in FIFA 23, you need to simply hold LT and press B on an Xbox controller, or L2 and circle on a PlayStation controller. Separately, these buttons make your player defend the ball and shoot respectively, but when you shoot while holding LT/L2, you will do an outside foot shot.

Outside foot shots are one of the best ways to score right now, as they tend to curl the ball around the keeper. This proves particularly troublesome, as the keeper will struggle to intercept the shot, meaning easy goals for you. Outside foot shots can also arc very high and still land in the top corners of the goal, making it an ideal technique for getting a goal while outside of the box.

Of course, EA tend to tweak various techniques in the weeks following launch, so if you want to score plenty of goals with an outside foot shot, make sure to master the technique now. We could see it get less powerful in the weeks to come, forcing players to also try other techniques such as the power shot or the low driven shot.

That’s all you need to know to do an outside foot shot in FIFA 23. It’s really that easy! I know we said you don’t need the best players, but I bet you want them. If that’s the case, take a look at our FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Around the World, First XI, Puzzle Master, and Seven League Boots SBC solution guides. If you’re in career mode, check out our list of FIFA 23 career mode wonderkids. If you’re still trying to wrap your head around changes to this year’s Ultimate Team, make sure to take a look at our guides on how chemistry works and everything else you need to know about FIFA 23.

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