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How to do a power shot in FIFA 23

Learn how to do a power shot in FIFA 23

Want to learn how to do a power shot in FIFA 23? FIFA 23 brings a few new mechanics onto the pitch, with the power shot being the most exciting. Power shots are a new technique that you can use to smash the ball into goal with incredible strength. However, power shots also require you to sacrifice speed, with a long wind up time that leaves you vulnerable to defenders. It's a tough move to master, but you can score plenty of power shots with a bit of practice.

In this guide, we explain how to do a power shot in FIFA 23, including the buttons you need to press and tips on how to score with a power shot.

How to do a power shot in FIFA 23

To do a power shot in FIFA 23, you must hold the bumper triggers (LB and RB/L1 and R1) and then hold B or circle to shoot.

Holding the shoot button will charge the power shot, adding time onto your finish but also making it stronger. As you hold the shoot button, the camera will also zoom in towards the player, centering them in the frame just before taking the shot. However, this all takes much longer than a normal shot, which is where the risk lies.

This means you’ll want to have plenty of space around your player before attempting to do a power shot in FIFA 23, as your player will become particularly vulnerable to any nearby defenders.

However, there is another important layer to a power shot in FIFA 23 that you must remember. When taking a power shot, you gain complete control over the aim, meaning you must be more accurate than usual while aiming with the left stick. FIFA 23 power shots do not assist you at all, so the accuracy and placement of your shot all comes down to you.

In the days following FIFA 23's launch, this led to us missing plenty of shots that almost definitely should've gone in, as we weren't used to precisely aiming with the left stick for every shot. If you manage to overcome the pressure and aim true, you’re sure to score a magnificent goal.

For those familiar with previous FIFA games, you might have noticed that the power shot uses the inputs of another popular technique: the low driven shot. Fortunately, the low driven shot is still available, but the input has changed to simply holding the shoot button until you reach a precise amount of power.

How to score with a power shot in FIFA 23

Erling Haaland taking a shot against Tottenham Hotspur in FIFA 23

While you can score a power shot from within the box, they're most effective when used from further away. If you find yourself 1-on-1 with the goalkeeper, there are probably other finishes you could use to get easier goals.

Power shots are worth using from a distance, so if you find yourself with some room outside the box and have time to survive the wind-up time, consider using a power shot to score a triumphant goal. Just remember to aim properly, as going to take a shot like normal will properly send it rocketing

How to turn off power shot zoom in FIFA 23

To turn off power shot zoom in FIFA 23, pause the game and head to settings. Use the toggles to access the camera settings, and then scroll down to find power shot zoom. You can disable this option there.

While the power shot zoom effect might feel monumental during a match, you might also find that it's rather distracting. The zoom is especially irritating as it might prevent you from seeing any incoming defenders, which you'll need to watch out for if you want to score a power shot. Fortunately, you are able to turn off the power shot zoom effect with the instructions noted above.

That wraps up our guide on how to do a power shot in FIFA 23. If you’re hopping into Ultimate Team and want to know how to get the best players in FIFA 23, take a look at our Seven League Boots, Puzzle Master, First XI, and Around the World SBC solution guides to open some of the best packs. After grabbing some players, check out our guide on how chemistry works in FIFA 23 to ensure that you’re building the best squad. If you’re more of a career mode fan, then take a look at our list of FIFA 23 career mode wonderkids and hidden gems to set yourself up for success in future seasons.

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