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Fight In The Shade: Skyrim's Dawnguard Trailer

When Skyrim's Dawnguard DLC was announced, we were worried it might end up just being a pair of equippable contact lenses. A new prE3 trailer shows that it's actually some manner of major expansion with attempts to blot out the sun being made and all sorts. What seems clear is that players will be faced with a choice; do you wish to live in a graveyard and eat people, all supernatural-like, or would you rather have a pair of equippable contact lenses? See for yourself.

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There's a bit of mounted combat in there and all sorts else, including an actual mention of The Elder Scrolls. It's all quite exciting but one thing's for certain, it will almost definitely not be better with Kinect. Imagine pretending to mount a horse while being watched by a magical camera on top of your television. Obscene.

Big thuddy dramatic fantasy trailer music is fine as well, but who wishes they'd gone for this?

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We don't have a date or price for PC yet but shall hopefully know more soon.

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