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Fightback Sounds: The Saboteur Footage

We mentioned The Saboteur last week - Pandemic's Second Earth War game, following the semi-fictional story of a professional racing driver turned French Resistance pioneer. This week, courtesy of Comic Con and GameTrailers, there's a video interview with lead designer Tom French (whose excellent beard means his head is the same both ways up, apart from the eyes/mouth thing), which includes lots of game footage.

I think they may be deliberately avoiding showing black and white footage at this point, which makes some kinds of sense. There are an unfortunate number of people who would see the greyscale design and run away frightened, screaming, searching for the nearest fruit machine to soak in as much colour as they can before they're sick. You and I aren't those people, obviously, but you can't ignore them.

You can also get an idea quite how "semi" the fictional really is. There's an interesting mix of authenticity and the complete abandoning of historical accuracy in order to make sure it's fun.

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The Saboteur

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