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FIGHTCRAB stabs and scuttles into early access

Plenty of fish in the sea

FIGHT! CRAB! FIGHTCRAB! What more could I possibly need to tell you about this game. It’s all right there in the name. You fight. You’re a crab. In that order of importance. It’s somehow even wilder than you may be imagining. Look, you can watch this trailer and see.

There are so many weapons. There are so many stages. There are so many different kinds of crabs. There is also at least one lobster, which seems etymologically incorrect but emotionally just right. Of course there’s a lobster. Look at the thing.

Don’t get the wrong idea. FIGHTCRAB has very serious lore. Permit me the indulgence of copying it from their itch.io page in full, because how could I ever edit this:

In this far-off world, these crabs were granted ultimate strength and intelligence from the generous gods. Using their newfound strength and wit, they armed themselves with human weapons of the finest calibre, and took control of the lands. Immortal beings of unrelenting horror, they cannot be killed with swords or even guns.

However, there is only one principle fact that rules these lands; “Those who are flipped onto their shells, shall be cooked into a crab cake, or mouth-watering rangoon.”

Yes, yes...Crabs who have embarrassingly been flipped over onto their shells will have no choice but to submit to the pot.

You are a crab. Aiming to be the best around, you embark on a world tour to flip as many crabs as possible.

FIGHTCRAB’s early access release includes a campaign, which you can play multiplayer, and both online and splitscreen versus modes. If you dive in now, you’ll also get the full version when it’s released, though there’s no note as to when the developers are aiming to get there yet.

You can download FIGHTCRAB in early access from itch.io for $14.80.

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Fight Crab

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