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Fighting In Continents: Planetside 2 Beta Splashes Down

Ready for war? How ready? Ready enough that being on the edge of your seat is starting to feel comfortable? So ready that you don't merely dream of epic battles on continent sized maps, but consider the time spent doing so to be mental training? If someone said "You might be able to play Planetside 2 as early as Monday?" would you nod politely, or explode with excitement? If the latter, read no further - at least until you've put down lots of plastic sheeting.

No, really. You wouldn't want to get giblets in the carpet now, would you?

Who's the best Planetside 2 faction? Well, Terrans are grounded, Vanu can do, and the New Conglomerate are... uh... there as well.

Barring any "unforeseen circumstances", the long-awaited beta is due to kick off on Monday or Tuesday. John Smedley didn't just say so, HE SHOUTED IT. And that makes it Official.

It's going to be a staged roll-out, so just because you have a beta key doesn't automatically mean you get in at the very start - for starters, there's a split between "Priority" keys and regular beta ones. You're within reach though, a little like Tantalus in his pool of undrinkable water, only after mobile artillery to quench the thirst for battle and probably not in Greek Hell.

If you don't have a key yet, it's not too late. You can sign up here. Bear in mind though that this is actually going to be a beta-beta, not a glorified-demo beta, so expect a little roughness along with the necessary roughness of fighting for the future. It's also going to look quite different from this recent CG trailer, but what the hell. Let's embed it anyway because Guns.

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