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Cunking Spock: Typing Of The Dead's Ultra-Profanity Pack

Glistening eyelet

Because I am the most cheerless of cheerless gits, The Typing of the Dead: Overkill's combination of endlessly mofoing grindhouse satire and straight repetition of what was a great joke ten years ago (i.e. typing as shooting) left me very cold and a little sad. Fun tunnel. Those who found the dual-gag and puerility overkill to be a reliable source of belly laughs have, however, been treated to a steady stream of word pack DLC, so far including Shakespeare, Football Manager and now one that finally coaxes a smile from my pursed lips - the profanity pack, aka Filth of the Dead. Pickled pork sword.

Hairy crevice. Furious penis. Walking talking sphincter. Consider my erection. Such a huge manatee.

While I might sound like a big fat hypocrite, given I moaned about how tedious the ratatatat f-bombs of the main game were, this pack actually tries to address that problem - going full-pelt for absurd, unpredictable innuendo. Creaming the trifle. And, er, very much not innuendo.

It does make me want to play again, I'll admit. Spunk fountain. Not sure I can really stomach the thought of sitting through all that overwrought faux-grindhouse comedy again, though. Poo protest. But yeah, it's tackling head-on the issue of TTODO living or dying on whether hearing the word 'fuck' 100 times a minute is funny to you, and I applaud that. Spanks-per-minute.

Filth of the Dead is out now via Steam, costing £1.99. It's just a word pack, of course, but in this game words are the biggest of deals. Dripping wart goo.

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