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Filthy Lucre Is Top-Down Stealth Meets Snatch 

'Ave a butchers

Filthy Lucre [official site] is a new top-down heist 'em up that's due for release this year. It's the debut project from Manchester outfit Fabrik Games, a studio comprised of ex-Sony Liverpool and Evolution Studios employees, and aims to bring "the unique flavour of Brit gangster flicks to games with all the slick suits, sly humour and sore heads you would expect."

Which is an interesting premise, assuming you're fond of Brit gangster flicks, slick suits and sly humour. Pop below for a butcher's at the reveal trailer.

Now, fix yer mince pies on this:

Right, that's enough Cockney Slang for one Thursday morning I think. Due at some stage later this year, Filthy Lucre hopes to encourage both trigger-happy heist-ers and sneaking sleuths alike, billing itself as an "action/stealth hybrid". Speaking to the PlayStation Blog (it's heading to our console cousins too, see), Fabrik's CEO Graeme Ankers stressed the importance of tactical variety in the game's missions:

"If your carefully planned approach goes pear-shaped, there is no need to rage-quit; change up the plan, switch to assault weapons and muscle your way out. The game dynamically adapts to your play style, with cutting edge AI adjusting their approach. Filthy Lucre is all about the cinematic art of the reversal: hunter becomes hunted becomes hunter becomes… you get the point.

"Every single mission can be played your way; go in all guns blazing or go dark and avoid all enemy contact. With over 30 upgradable weapons and gear items, you will never be able to blame your tools."

Non-linear outings will see you tasked with assassination plots, sabotage missions and bank robberies, among other unscrupulous activities - in solo play, or in online or local co-op. No concrete release date for now, however Filthy Lucre is expected at some point this year.

In the meantime, 'ave a Captain Cook at these screens. I promised I'd stop that, didn't I? I've told you Porky Pies, I 'ave.

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