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Final Fantasy IV's pixel remaster is out now on Steam

The best of the old Final Fantasies

Final Fantasy IV's pixel remaster is now available on Steam. It follows the release of the pixel remasters of I-III in July, with V and VI both due in the near future. It's also arguably the first Final Fantasy to resemble what the series would become, in terms of characters and its battle system.

The pixel remasters are Square Enix's attempt to right a previous wrong. The old Final Fantasies previously available via Steam were ports of the ugly mobile versions. Those were pulled from sale earlier this year in preparation for the release of these more faithful ports, which maintain the original game's sprites - hence the "pixel remaster" moniker.

JRPG expert Katharine says that Final Fantasy IV is the best of the old Final Fantasies (aka the first six). When Brendan and Katharine ranked the best Final Fantasy games overall it only came in 7th place, however.

"Final Fantasy IV was the first one in the series to do a proper story with proper characters you actually liked and loathed, with relationships and personalities often reflected in their job class and character skills," wrote Katharine. "There's moody old dragoon Kain and his unrequited love for white mage Rosa, Cecil's transformation from conflicted dark knight to righteous world-saving paladin, super cool ninja Edge who disappears when he gets embarrassed, the slightly useless bard Edward who just can't get his act together to confess his love for his dear Anna, and the mischievous mage twins Palom and Porom who you decide would make brilliant additions to your travelling party despite the fact they're just five years old."

While the mobile ports have been pulled off sale, you can still pick up the 3D remake of Final Fantasy IV which was first released on Nintendo 3DS.

If it's pixels you're after however, the pixel remaster of Final Fantasy IV will set you back £10.39/€14.39/$14.39 with its current 20% discount.

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