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Schoolchild Action: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Coming To PC

Improved over the console release

Every Final Fantasy PC announcement that isn't Final Fantasy XV is a knife in my heart, a needle in my eye, and a spit in my face. I just want a fun-loving anime pop-punk boyband gallivanting around on a road trip to save their kingdom, fight monsters, eat fresh food, and discover the power of friendship. It'll surely be coming at some point, right? Most other recent FF games are.

This latest boyband blather is sparked by Square Enix's announcement that they're bringing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD [official site] to PC.

Final Fantasy Type-0 is in the Fabula Nova Crystallis setting along with XV and the Final Fantasy XIII subseries. Originally released on PlayStation Portable in 2011, it sees a plucky class of children from a military academy who get caught up in a war. What we'll see is an improved version of the 'HD' remaster that hit Xbone and PS4 last year.
Speaking of, the last of those - Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - was due a spring release on PC last we heard. Spring's almost over, so I wonder what's up.

All Squeenix have to say for now about the particulars of this port is that it's "coming soon" and "It has had new graphical options for high-end PC users added, as well as improved battle and camera controls and Steam community features." Okey doke! Here's a look at the console version:

Anyway, where's my anime boyband?

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