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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is fixing those server errors today

Maintenance should make logins smoother

The Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker expansion is out now, with plenty of bunnyboys jetting off to the moon. That is, if they’re able to login successfully. The servers have been overwhelmed since early access began last week and the thirst for furry friends in maid outfits simply won’t abate. Not only do the long login queues persist now it's out properly, but there are plenty of errors plaguing the process which makes the wait even more frustrating. Thankfully, an update is being deployed today that should fix those server errors, increase server capacity, and make the login process a bit smoother.

Producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV Naoki Yoshida addressed the game’s login issues in a lengthy blog post. He says that they’re planning a “full maintenance on the lobby servers at the earliest timing possible” to resolve errors. Maintenance timing hasn’t been set in stone yet, though. It’s set to last roughly 30 minutes and if you’re already logged in, it won’t affect you. However, players won’t be able to make new login attempts during this period.

And later today, maintenance across all Worlds will go ahead to address server errors. Yoshida says that this will require “all servers to go offline and is estimated to take about four hours to complete”. We’ve not been given specific timing for this round of maintenance, either, although he does say that they’ll provide an update soon.

As for specific error codes, Yoshida says the team have plans to smite them down too. They’ve deployed an update that raises the capacity for maximum players in a single queue from 17,000 to 21,000, which should combat error 2002 nicely. Then there’s error 4004, the spiteful one that boots you to back of the queue, just as you reach the front. The fix is actually finished, but they still need time to check if it’s working properly or not. Plus, it’s possible that there’s more they’ve not addressed, so they’re planning on carry out some tweaks during the lobby server maintenance.

Finally, error 3001 has been identified and Yoshida says a fix is being squeezed into today’s maintenance schedule. This one’s caused by servers wrongly letting players in past server capacity, and while the fix is lined up, they will need to monitor and tinker overtime.

I’ve actually not had a chance to play Endwalker yet, mainly because I’ve been on hols, but also because I’m still playing through A Realm Reborn. I haven’t even made it to the first expansion yet. But hopefully soon I can successfully login, create my gorgeous bunnyboy, and set forth on the moon. I’d really like that, actually.

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