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Finalising The Frontier: FTL Footage

You can't spell 'futile' without 'FTL', and demonstrating randomly generated and bastardly tough space roguelike FTL without flicking some special developer switches seems, to me, the very definition of it. But the FTL devs are brave space types, venturing into the depths of their wonderful space-ship management sim to show off the new additions. Their 1000% Kickstarter funded indie game was already amazing, but they're mining those Star Trek tropes for all they're worth: they've added cloaking and teleporting. "Captain, we have an incoming message from YouTube." "Onscreen, Lieutenant Sexington."

I swear they're making the game I didn't even realise I wanted all this time. And it's so deliciously lo-fi it could have warped in at any point in the last ten years: I hope the developers find a wormhole and go back in time to release it. The barebones demo I played was great, but with crew skills, ship customisation, more playable races and additional unlocks through multiple playthroughs, they've rerouted power to the deflector dish of my heart.

It'll be out in 2012, sometime after August.

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