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Guess Who With The Electric Chair: Fingered Released

The sit-down dance at Sing Sing

Guess Who? may not have the awe and admiration of the tabletop gaming world, but I maintain that the clacking of a card being ruled out and flipped down is one of gaming's most delightful sounds and sensations. Fingered [official site] is also about peering at suspects and whittling them down based on their appearance, though given that it's about police ID lineups and Edmund McMillen (him off Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac) is involved, it's obviously a little darker.

Having been announced only last week, Fingered was released this week at the friendly price of £1.59. I've played a bit and, sure, it's fun.

Fingered is a game about police lineups, where suspects filter in and you must follow clues from witnesses to figure out who they're talking about.

"I'm positive he looked rich," they might say - look out for folks with watches, rings, and crowns. "I'm positive he looked tall" - that's easy enough. "I think he looked a tad large" - ah, that's more of a problem. Later lineups introduce more uncertainty and people who'll pull funny tricks like say the opposite of what they mean, taking more thought to finger the right guy.

And when you finger them? It's time for the sit-down dance at Sing Sing. What a cruel society this is.

This isn't a review or nothing, but I've enjoyed puzzling over lineups and looking up my chums in the crime database. Its people are procedurally generated, see, and has a database that'll show you what you and your mates look like. I thought Cara would be more impressed, given how cool her crime was.

Made by Edmund McMillen and James Id, Fingered is £1.59 on Steam.

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