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Do The Twin Peaks Twist In Fire Dance With Me

Boogy with Leland Palmer

What if David Lynch made a video game? As a fan of the artist, I've listened to his music, heard him talk, looked at his paintings, studied his quinoa technique, and examined his plans for a bungalow, yet I honestly couldn't say. I do, however, feel confident telling you that it would probably not be like Fire Dance With Me [official site].

Fire Dance With Me is a delightfully silly free rhythm game combining Twin Peaks and that other '90s classic: eurobeat remixes. This Friday night, slip on your saddle shoes, roll out your dance mats, and boogy down with poor old Leland Palmer.

Heaven help me, that DDR-y remix of Julee Cruise's song Falling tapped into something that's lay dormant since my teenage years in the arcades. Now I'm listening to this. I almost wish I had dance mats so I didn't have to tap away on my keyboard, as I'm really ruining Audrey's moves. You and your pal - it's a two-player game - can also play as Dale Cooper, The Man from Another Place, and the log.

You can play in your browser or download it for a pleasing spot of silliness on a Friday afternoon.

Creators Robert Gaither and Anja Luzega made Fire Dance With Me for Fantastic Arcade's Duplicade, a game jam for 30-second two-player games that "must tread dangerously into the intellectual property of an existing game or game franchise." They're all to be loaded up for two players to battle each other and figure out what's been ripped off.

Oh, actually, now that I've reached the end of the post, maybe I will return to that grumbly opening paragraph. I'm often frustrated when I hear "it's like if David Lynch made a video game" about Deadly Premonition or surreal games. It seems like pointless excitement over surface details, missing what both David Lynch and video games are up to. I really like David Lynch, you guys, and I really like Deadly Premonition - but not because I think it's anything like anything David Lynch would make.

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