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Fire Pro Wrestling World launches off the top rope

Fight Optimus Prime

After five months of scrapping through early access, Fire Pro Wrestling World has launched in full. If you're looking for a game to transpose the traditional Christmas dinner arguments into a friendlier arena, boy howdy Fire Pro is certainly a game that'll let you recreate the nuances of your family's verbal fighting style with wrestling personas. At the very least, it'll make them all turn their ire on you; what a selfless act of yuletide martyrdom that would be.

Fire Pro, to remind you, is a wrestle 'em up boasting fairly serious fisticuffs and a ludicrous depth of character customisation - both cosmetically and in terms of moves and personality. It's not pretty but swing by Fire Pro's Steam Workshop and you'll be able to download everyone from Owen Hart to Charlie Chaplin and Optimus Prime.

When our Adam played Fire Pro during early access, he enjoyed the wrestling toybox but wished it had more of a story or management mode.

The developers, Spike Chunsoft, had said they wished to use the early access time to basically expand on what was already there, and so they have. Along with fixing and tweaking bits, along the way they have added more moves, costume pieces, and body parts, as well as giving players the option to import custom textures for their ring as well as custom entrance music for wrestlers.

The update taking the game to version 1.0 bumped the online multiplayer up to four-player matches, added a few more moves, and whacked in a load of cosmetic bits to make faces for anime ladies. And why not? Check the patch notes for everything.

Fire Pro Wrestling World is £10.04/€13.39/$13.39 on Steam right now, which includes a 33% launch discount.

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Fire Pro Wrestling World


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