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Cold War Zombies Firebase Z: What to do with Sergei’s Head

Where and what is Sergei's head?

Firebase Z, Cold War’s newest Zombies map, has a mountain of new stuff to see, do, and murder. One thing you might not quite understand comes in the form of a severed head lying around. Well, never fear. Here’s what to do with Sergei’s head in Firebase Z.

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What to do with Sergei’s head in Firebase Z

Sergei’s head, surprisingly, doesn’t impact the Firebase Z Easter Egg. However, you’ll need to follow some steps from the Easter Egg in order to gain the ability to complete this mini-challenge. Follow these steps to use Sergei’s head to get a freebie.

Begin the Easter Egg

In order to do the Sergei’s Head task, you must first start the Firebase Z Easter Egg. We have a full page on it, and you must get up to the section where you capture zombies for their memories. You’ll need to unlock the Memory Transference Station so you can pick up Essence Traps. We won’t go into full detail here, but these are the steps you’ll need to take:

  1. Turn on all three power reactors
  2. Talk to Ravenov and Peck
  3. Unlock the three lockers with the serum vials
  4. Put them together in the Field Hospital and kill the hellhounds that spawn
  5. Put the truth serum on the air conditioner above Peck’s office, and wait for him to finish dancing
  6. Unlock the Memory Transference Station in the Data Center
  7. Pick up an Essence Trap

Find Sergei’s Head

Sergei’s head doesn’t spawn in a specific location. Instead, it can be found in the defense areas of the map on the ground. Keep an eye out for a glowing gold outline, similar to that of the Intel you pick up around the map and the Firebase Z Ray Rifle parts.

It likes to hide in bushes, so keep a sharp eye out in all 3 defense areas. When you pick the head up, you won’t be able to use your gun without putting it down again, so try to do this towards the end of a round without many zombies around.

The charging plate ready for Sergei's head to be placed onto it.

Place in Field Hospital

Head over to the Field Hospital and place the head on the table highlighted with the lamp and visible by turning right as you enter. You should be able to see the head on the pressure plate now.

The charging plate ready for Sergei's head to be placed onto it.

Trap a zombie

Get your Essence Trap ready and use it to capture a zombie. The zombie has to be at low health and walk near the trap before you activate it. If you break the trap because the zombie’s health is too high, no worries at all! Just go back to the Data Center next door and get another one.

Put the trapped zombie in the machine next to the head, and watch it explode while saying a code.

Sergei's head sits on a plate on the desk

Open the office safe

That’s all you have to do! Just pop over to the Colonel’s Office and open the safe for a free perk. Congrats, now you just need to survive.

That’s all for our guide on Sergei’s head for Firebase Z! If you want more help in Zombies mode, check out our best Zombies loadout guide, or for more info on Cold War as a whole we have a Cold War gun stats page to help you out in multiplayer!

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