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First Fate Of Atlantis Assassin's Creed Odyssey DLC is free if you nab it now


"Assassin's Creed Odyssey finally has DLC worth paying out for" said Alice L in her Fate Of Atlantis vid. Joke's on her: if you own the base game and download the first episode of the three-part series before September 1st, you won't need to spend a penny. The first instalment lets you poke around Elysium's eternal idyllic afternoon, stabbing alien gods while marvelling at how big they are. If you're not intimidated by stature or price, the season pass is 50% off and lets you mosey over to Hades, then Atlantis itself. The base game is half price, to boot.

I've only dipped my toe into Elysium's dappled garden. I spent about half an hour riding around going 'cor' before I got distracted by another game, but at least two out of three Alices would tell me I made a mistake. It's tougher than the main game, they say, encouraging you to switch up your style and go back to good old fashioned sneaking. I found myself just running up to people and cycling through the same chain of abilities for the last 20 hours or so of the main game, so that sounds grand.

Equally importantly, Elysium looks well snazzy.

As do its denizens, according to Alice Bee:

"It’s not that they’re tall. It’s like someone shift clicked on a regular person in photoshop and sized them up. I am mesmerised! This is what is really meant by the term statuesque. Of course people worshipped them! Who wouldn’t build a shrine? They’re massive and they don’t give a fuck. Which, like, y’know, do we care for the opinions of ants? I’m having trouble engaging with the plot, which is to do with overthrowing Persephone as ruler, because frankly she should be allowed to do whatever she wants."

I haven't heard anyone raving about the other two jollies through Grecian fairylands, though it's worth noting that the last instalment does give you laser swords.

The season pass also includes the blando-sounding Legacy Of The First Blade DLC, a bonus quest for the main game, and somewhat bizarrely, both Assassin's Creed 3 and Assassin's Creed Liberation. It's currently £17/$20/€20 on Steam or a wee bit cheaper on the Ubisoft store.

The base game is £25/$30/€30 on Steam, and again a little less from Ubisoft directly. Both deals end on September 3rd.

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