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First Long Dark Gameplay Footage Fills Me With Longing

Don't starve or freeze or or or

We know that Hinterland's bone-chilling survivor The Long Dark sounds great, and we even know that it looks quite nice in concept art form, but there is still uncertainty. We have yet to see it move. What if, for instance, the final game is just still images with developers mouthing "woooosh" sounds as a camera pans across them? Or maybe there aren't any graphics at all. Perhaps the art we've seen so far is merely meant to fuel the fires of our imaginations. The game, meanwhile, will be a series of black-and-white choices with random, insta-death QTEs interspersed throughout for maximum frustration. Or maybe none of those things and The Long Dark is already looking like a stylized winter wonderland (of constant, creeping terror and peril). Take your pick.

The Kickstarter is still not there. For some reason.

The basic survival mechanics cover everything from food/drink to relative frozen-ness (relative because you're always some form of popsicle in iced-over dystopian deathscapes), which sounds about right. What I'm really interested in, however, are the possibilities that will arise from a freshly ruined world. Interactions with desperate survivors and confused, hungry wildlife. I want to become BFFs with a wolf! Then we can go on adventures and savage our enemies while they howl in mournful regret. It'll be great fun.

The Long Dark's Kickstarter currently has about a week left before it drops dead from exhaustion and starvation-frenzied eagles swarming its eyes, but it's yet to cross into the warm, hot-chocolate-fueled safezone that is funded-ness. Have you chipped in? If not, is there anything in particular that's got you feeling wary?

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The Long Dark

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