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Five Seconds Of Promotion For Deus Ex: The Fall

UPDATE: STAND DOWN. It's an eye-tablet game. Sighs!

Oh, video game marketing, you are the worst of all the marketings. Five seconds! What a shame. Most of said five second teaser trailer is a logo. The rest of which is a voice - is that Bob Page or do my ears deceive me? - saying "are we ready to begin?" Oh, I've spoiled it now. Yes, much internal RPS grumpiness about the paucity of this teaser trailer for what appears to be a new Deus Ex game, subtitled The Fall. Some claimed we shouldn't post it all. Others claimed we should fill the internets with rabid speculation. Then there was me, just trying to fill a bit of space before posting the video.

I do so hate to march to the beat of someone's marketing drum, but a new Deus Ex game is big enough news round these parts that it overwhelms my antipathy towards trailer-for-a-trailer nonsense. Speaking of which:

A smattering of new Square Enix domain registrations for DeusExTheFall preceded this, and it appears to be distinct from the movie-related 'Human Defiance' registrations a few months back. Hopefully it does point to an honest-to-God new Deus Ex game, but some worry it's related to bonus content for the upcoming Weeoo enhanced edition of Human Revolution. Not sure this level of crypticness and teasability would be applied to a known port of an old game though, but I've been known to be wrong in the past, like when I used to believe that dogs could look up.

Anyway, I suppose we've all been successfully promoted at, and it'll happen again tomorrow, on which we're promised a more fulsome reveal of whatever The Fall is. And is that Deus Ex 1 Big Bad Bob Page lending his voice to the single line in the video, or am I being too presumptuous?

And - Human Revolution spoilers here so stop reading if you didn't finish it - could The Fall pick up on the post-credits tease of the links between Adam Jensen and JC Denton? I suspect Squeenix risk painting themselves into a corner if they try to squeeze too much into the chronological gap between the two game's stories, but then revisionism seems to be part and parcel of populist science fiction franchises these days.

Very Important Update: BOLLOCKS. I missed the opportunity to make Mark E. Smith gags. I'm disgusted with myself. I'll just do this instead.

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