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Flipping Roles In Elementary, My Dear Holmes

Ah, the cruel annals of (fake) history. Who knows what would be heroes have been lost to the mists of time because an author decided to base their tale around the tall bloke instead of the short lady? What (fictional) victories have been won off the backs of (not-real) unmentioned protagonists? That's the question Victory Square Games are posing by bringing the charming John Watson to the fore in Elementary, My Dear Holmes. It's an adventure game in the comedic Lucas Arts style currently just over half way to their $50,000 goal on Kickstarter. What sets them apart, however, is a just wonderful sense of humour.

Developer acting in Kickstarter videos is a common dread and while Sam and Max (they're literally called Sam and Max and they want to make an adventure game, how can you refuse them?) won't be winning any Oscars, I giggled my way quite heartily through that. Probably the first time I've checked progression the bar on a pitch and been glad I wasn't even half done yet.

It takes more than good personality to make a game though, so where's the meat? Well, if they make their goal, Ouya have promised to chip in for the same amount as part of thier very admirable Free The Games Fund. The 'price' of this, for us anyway, is six month exclusivity on the homebrew console, meaning the prospective release on Windows (and other OSs, as per stretch goals) is September next year. Still, there's a talented team here and the game looks charming enough I'd be willing to wait. Pitch in if you would too.

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