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Fly In The House: Smash It Up Until There's Nothing Left


The buzzing of a particularly obnoxious bluebottle can be an infuriating thing to have to put up with, but honestly I'm sure there are better flyswatting techniques than hurling literally all of your furniture in the direction of the offending insect.

Nonetheless, that's the premise of Fly in the House [official site], which just came out on Steam.

I'll be honest: this looks to me like the sort of game that I'd have some fun pratting about in for an hour or two, enjoying the havoc to be wreaked in destructive environments where most objects can be picked up, hurled and smashed. After that I'd probably never fire it up again. This means that the game's current asking price of £6.29 / €8.09 / $8.99 is a bit steep for me. It's almost the same price I paid for Goat Simulator, which was purchased in the expectation of hilarity, delivered on that for an hour and a half after I'd been at the pub, and was then never launched again.

Fly in the House is also published by Kiss (not the ludicrous band, alas) who have helped with distribution of some good games (Kairo, Q.U.B.E, etc) but also some... less good games.

Still, value's in the eye of the beholder and all that. And if you're in a foul mood, trashing your home in a game is a damned sight cheaper than doing it for real. Take care if this ever gets ported to Vive, eh?

P.S. I think the developer missed a trick using that generic hard rock song in the trailer. Here's what should've been used instead:

(I met Captain Sensible once. He was very down to earth and friendly, and seemed honestly surprised that someone in their mid-twenties knew who he was and liked the Damned. So if you ever bump into him, and enjoy the Damned, do let him know, eh? Old punks need love too.)

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