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Our favourite gaming keyboard is real cheap again

We really are fanatical about this Fnatic gaming keyboard.

This time last month, my best gaming keyboard champion, the Fnatic Streak had its price chopped in half. It sold out almost instantly, but the good news is that it's now back in stock at the lovely reduced price of £75 for the Cherry MX Brown version and £85 for the Cherry MX Red model, saving you around a third off its usual price of £120.

Alas, once again the deal only extends to the full-sized Streak at the moment, rather than its smaller, more compact cousin the tenkeyless Fnatic miniStreak as well, but that's still a decent saving on what's arguably the best gaming keyboard I've ever tested. Not quite as good as last month's half price deal, admittedly, but a third off is still a sizeable saving if you're in need of a new keyboard. After all, it's a beauty to type on and it also comes with the comfiest wrist rest in the entire world.

If you're wondering about which switch type to go for, I'd recommend the Brown model if you're going to be doing a lot of typing on it (that, and it's £10 cheaper), but you may also prefer the smooth, up-and-down 'linear' motions of the Silent Red if you're just going to be using it for games. Cherry MX Brown switches have a little bump to them when you press them down, you see, which is great for giving tactile feedback when you're typing at speed, but it does mean they're a bit slower than the clean key presses of a Silent Red.

Cherry MX Silent Red switches, meanwhile, are what's known as 'linear' switches, and don't have any kind of bump whatsoever. They're still fine for doing the odd bit of typing on, but they're primarily built for short, sharp taps when playing games. As the name implies, they're a little quieter than normal Red switches, but still produce a fair amount of noise all the same. They'll probably result in fewer things being thrown in your direction if you're using it around other people, but they're likely going to be just as irritating to those around you as the MX Browns.

Either way, the Fnatic Streak is still a fantastic keyboard regardless of which type of switch you end up going for, so here are those prices again in case you've forgotten:

And if you're not a fan of RGB lighting, then the Cherry MX Brown and Blue versions of Fnatic's older Rush keyboard are also on sale for an even more palatable £51, while the Silent Red model is £68.

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